Monday, 7 May 2012

It's all in a name

A good while ago now I put some photos on my web site of a pair of panel raising planes that were both marked John Green. One of them had a recognised and recorded mark by John Green of York, but the other plane's mark was different, and seems to be an unrecorded mark. What i was unsure of was if the plane was from York, or if it may have been by the London based John Green. At a David Stanley auction I was discussing this plane with Don Wing, and he made a very good observation concerning the unusual owners stamp on the plane. he suggested that it may be worth doing some research into the sir name that appears on the plane to see if they came from a particular area of the country. The owners stamp was W. Stockens, so I put a google search in and discovered that this name does not appear to be found anywhere other than Suffolk, the south east, and London. I know this in no way gives a definite proof to this being a London made plane, but It makes it highly likely. It also makes me think that it may be that owners stamps bare closer scrutiny when looking at planes origins

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