Sunday, 22 April 2012

Not all planes are made of beech!

This is a lovely early moulding plane with some unusual features that set it apart from the norm.

 The most obvious difference is that it is not made from the normal plane makers favourite timber which is of course beech.  At first I wasn't too sure what this plane was made from, but having consulted a few other knowledgeable people, the general consensus is that it's made of plumb. That's certainly the best description of it's colour, which is by the way absolutely stunning. Fruit woods seem to be a favourite for some of these early makers, as I have seen a number of examples from this type of wood. The second curious feature that stood out when i first saw this plane, was the strange nib of wood at the base of the wedge finial. this something i have never seen before. There is a neatly set out circle marked out on both ends of the stock to describe the round profile. the length is just over 10 inches. Given the choice of wood, and overall style of the plane, it would not surprise me if this was a 17th century plane. One other thing I hadn't noticed until I was photographing the plane today was the initials stamped into the heel of the plane. Guess what, they just happen to be IC !!!

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